Quiet Company


Indie rock, power pop




Taylor Muse (vocals/guitar/piano), Thomas Blank (keys, guitar), Matt Parmenter (bass), Jeff Weathers (drums)


Quiet Company is a rock band hailing from Austin, Texas, led by Taylor Muse. They have released 3 full length albums, an EP, a live DVD, and a Christmas single. They are the first band signed by Grooveshark in the Artist Development Program and recently released their 3rd record, We Are All Where We Belong.


Muse was on the leading lines of the East Texas indie music boom with his bands Uncle Andrew and Neckpunch. He also lended a helping hand to create songs on Eisley's debut for Warner Bros. Records, as well as giving them their first name, Moss Eisley. He parted ways from the family formed group after playing bass guitar in live shows in order to focus on other projects. Taylor played drums and guitar in early incarnations of The Lonely Hearts (a.k.a. Holland, a.k.a. Somerset) but opted not to make the trek away from East Texas to join them in Nashville, TN, where they are based to this day.

After moving his then band, The Connotations, to Nashville, TN for a year and then to Austin, TX, Muse disbanded the group and started recording the first Quiet Company full length, Shine Honesty. The record was picked up by boutique label, Northern Records, and distributed online. Northern Records encouraged Muse to reform a band and begin touring, so he did. Thomas Blank joined the band in late 2005 after answering a Craig's List ad. Muse and Blank played with several different drummers and bass players but ultimately could not find permanent members. After a couple years of constant touring, the band recorded their second record with Charlie Vela and Louie Lino called Everyone You Love Will Be Happy Soon. The band opted out of their record deal with Northern shortly before the recording of Everyone and began releasing albums independently. Jeff Weathers joined Quiet Company in 2009 after the break up of his long time band, Ethan Durelle. Months after that, Matt Parmenter answered another Craig's list ad and found himself among Quiet Company's ranks.

The band shot a music video for the song "On Modern Men" and put out an open casting call for extras in early 2010. One of the people who showed up was Cody Ackors. Once it became known that Ackors was allegedly a great trombone player, Muse invited him to play on the EP, Songs For Staying In.

The band headlined a show at The Parish in Austin, TX, shortly after and invited Ackors to join them. This was the first night the band wore suits to play in, which quickly became their M.O. Muse fell in love with the sound of horns in their songs and Ackors became a regular fixture at Quiet Company shows. With the release of the third album, We Are All Where We Belong, Ackors has climbed his way into full band member status with horns featuring on almost every song.

Shine HonestyEdit

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Several of the tracks on Quiet Company's debut album, Shine Honesty, were arranged and composed while Muse was fronting The Connotations. After some soul searching, The Connotations decided to part ways after their only official release, Trouble by The Truckloads from Mono Vs Stereo's The Revolution Will Begin In The Blink Of An Eye compilation. Muse took a handful of the songs that they had demoed and recorded Shine Honesty with Alex Bhore in May 2005. With the record completed, Muse began auditioning band mates to play his newly forged tunes.

Muse self-packaged CD-R copies of the new album with black & white covers and began to pass them around amongst friends and sold them at shows in Texas. Northern Records heard the unmastered version and invited Taylor Muse and Quiet Company to find a home with them. Andy Prickett lended his own brand of expertise in the mixing and mastering of the album and on March 23, 2006, Northern Records released Shine Honesty.

In October 2007 they completed their first music video for the song "Fashionabel", from Shine Honesty. The video was shot in Nashville, TN by New Valiant Productions and directed by American film maker Cameron McCasland. The video was released on YouTube on October 30, 2007. The video was picked up by MTV Canada and is currently playing in rotation and on demand.

Recent ActivityEdit

Quiet Company recorded "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" for the 2007 release of Peace on Earth: A Holiday Album. The album was made available for download directly from the web. All proceeds from sales went to the Toys for Tots charity.

In 2009, they released a new album called Everyone You Love Will Be Happy Soon produced by Charlie Vela, and Louie Lino, of Nada Surf fame. In its first month of release, the record saw, roughly, twice as many sales as Shine Honesty had in its first year and a half and was met with critical acclaim.

The band lent their song "On Modern Men" to local charity organization "Music For The City" for their first compilation, for which the profits went to Safeplace.

Quiet Company released a homemade, stop-motion animation video for the song "It's Better To Spend Money Like There's No Tomorrow, Than Spend Tonight Like There's No Money," which is available online and on ME Television.

They also partnered with local filmmaker, Justin Kirchhoff, to make a video for "On Modern Men," which is also available online and on ME Television.

In 2010, Quiet Company released Songs for Staying In, a 6 song EP, produced by Quiet Company and recorded by bass player Matt Parmenter in his apartment studio, Ice Cream Factory Studios.

Songs from Everyone You Love... and "Songs For Staying In" have been featured heavily on television programs such as My Generation, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Real World, and Married To Rock. Quiet Company also had a walk on role on ABC's My Generation, but the show was, unfortunately, cancelled before their episode was aired.

The song "How Do You Do It?" from Songs for Staying In was added to rotation on 3 of Austin, TX's rock radio stations, KGSR, KUT, and KROX. Quiet Company is the first unsigned local band to ever achieve rotation on all three.

In January 2011, Quiet Company were nominated for The 10th Annual Independent Music Awards under the Pop/Rock Song category for "It’s Better To Spend Money Like There’s No Tomorrow Than Spend Tonight Like There’s No Money".

Quiet Company released their third full length album, We Are All Where We Belong, on October 4, 2011.

In 2012, Quiet Company and its members won several (10) awards for the Austin Chronicle's 30th Annual Austin Music Awards.

  • The band was voted 2011-2012 Band of the Year, Best Indie Band, and Best Rock Band; Album of the Year for We Are All Where We Belong; and Song of the Year for "You, Me & the Boatman".
  • Taylor Muse was voted Musician of the Year, Best Male Vocals, and Best Songwriter, and Jeff Weathers was voted Best Drums.
  • Matt Parmenter was voted Best Producer for his work on We Are All Where We Belong.


Quiet Company has done several national tours but plays predominantly in and around their home state, Texas. They have played with many notable acts, such as: The Toadies, Bob Schneider, Rooney, Evan Dando, What Made Milwaukee Famous, Eisley, Alpha Rev, Old 97's, and Dear & the Headlights.



  • Shine Honesty – March 23, 2006
  • Everyone You Love Will Be Happy Soon – March 10, 2009
  • Songs for Staying In – May 11, 2010
  • We Are All Where We Belong – October 4, 2011


  • Scene But Not Herd - Unsigned Band Compilation #3 – 2001
  • Peace on Earth: A Holiday Album – 2007
  • Music For The City, Vol. 1 - 2009